The Science

Cell Genesis focus on the ground-breaking research and development using RNA and proteomics as the foundation of stem cell technology. Our team of scientists and medical doctors have successfully found the answers which includes, the homing system for cells targeting, translation technology, cellular deliveries system, which we have found the solution to slow down our body’s ageing process.

Homing of Stem Cells as delivery vehicle

Stem cells have the capacity of homing that can mediate genes, proteins or small molecules to target injured or diseased tissues of the human body. Homing can enhance reparatory mechanisms, and increase both cell stocks and signalling molecules. Cell Genesis Laboratories has devoted itself to optimizing cell viability, migration, targeting and tracking to improve the potential of stem cell homing. Instead of using stem cells as a ‘worker’, we have created a protocol to make stem cells as a ‘delivery vehicle’, carries their proteins or small molecules to stimulate the host own stem cells to carry out the reparative mechanism. Our platform has several strategies for addressing cells, for example, by means of culture stem cells at lower confluence, cell preconditioning by soluble molecules which have biocompatibility, biodegradability and stability. In this way we are able to provide consistency in our end products without failed.

All culturing procedures are performed following strict international guidelines and quality control measurement to follow cGMP production.